The Think and Grow Rich Secret Exposed!

What is the Hidden “SECRET” in Think and Grow Rich?

Brian Reese
2 min readJan 9, 2023


Is there even a secret?

YES, there most definitely IS A SECRET!

The secret is so obvious once you’ve discovered it, that it literally jumps off the page.

It’s listed on nearly every page of the original book text.

So, you want me to tell you this secret, right?

Ok, here it is…

Let’s think about it for a moment…

If you were Napoleon Hill and wanted to educate and inspire all of humanity with a most important message…

Where would you put that message, the SECRET?

Would you hide it somewhere in-between the lines? NO

Would you make the reader search elsewhere for it? NO

What if you put the SECRET into such an obvious place, that those who weren’t ready for it, would never even notice? YEP


Thats right, the actual title or to be more precise the VERY. FIRST. WORD. of the title is the SECRET.




Come on Brian, where is the proof, you might ask?

In addition to the title itself, the word “THINK” is listed in the book a whopping 602 times!

The word “MIND” is listed 533 times.

The word “THOUGHT” is listed 255 times.

The word “BRAIN” is listed 70 times.

I tell you truly, and through experience using this technique exactly as written, the Think and Grow Rich SECRET really does work:

“Thoughts are things. Anything your mind can think and believe, you can achieve.”

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