VA Officials Debunk Myths About 2024 VA Disability Stimulus Checks

Brian Reese
3 min readMay 1, 2024

Contrary to what’s being circulated online, there is no 2024 VA stimulus check.

Fellow veterans, please disregard any false reports suggesting that veterans will receive up to $3,600 in stimulus booster payments from the VA.

This claim is false.

As of 2024, the VA does not provide stimulus checks or booster payments to disabled veterans.

Brian Reese Reveals the Truth About 2024 VA Disability Stimulus Payments

Will Veterans Get a VA Disability Stimulus Check in 2024?

No, veterans will not receive a VA disability stimulus check or booster payment in 2024.

According to VA officials, the VA does not issue any type of disability stimulus or booster payment to veterans.

Furthermore, the IRS confirmed that nobody, including veterans, is getting any form a federal stimulus payment in 2024.

2024 COLA Increase vs. 2024 VA Stimulus

VA officials have suggested that misinformation circulating the internet likely caused confusion between the 2024 Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) increase of 3.2% with 2024 VA disability stimulus payments.

It is true that VA disability rates, VA pension rates, and special monthly compensation rates.

VA Disability Stimulus vs. VA Disability Pay Increase

Instead of expecting a stimulus check from the VA, I suggest that veterans consider applying for an increase to their current VA disability rating if their symptoms have worsened.

In my experience, 94% of the ~18.5M veterans do not have the VA disability compensation benefits they deserve.

That means millions of veterans could be losing thousands of dollars per month of tax-free money they’ve earned for serving our country.

You can file for a VA disability increase online at

Here’s a 15-step tutorial with screenshots where I teach you how to increase your VA rating online for free.

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